0 Twitter & Penn State

What are you doing? One million-plus Twitter users certainly want to know. I discovered the increasingly popular social network after I noticed a few coworkers at my summer internship using the service. Initially, I used the service to keep in touch with them after I came back to school. Then things got a lot more interesting. I began to discover people from all across the Penn State community. Fellow students, professors, alumni and even Penn State services all have Twitter accounts.

The best way to describe Twitter is that it is like Facebook status updates- but better. Messages are limited to 140 characters at a time, which gives just enough space for short and easily digestible information. You can use the service from your cellphone, through a web browser and through any number of mobile devices. To further explain the simple social network, I’ll test your SAT skills with a nice analogy: Followers are to Twitter what Friends are to Facebook. Followers are people that have elected to see your updates in real time. The “Following” category of your account lists the Twitter users that you follow, and therefore receive their updates. Below you will find a list containing some of my favorite Twitter users around Penn State, as well as some other members of the Twitterverse.