Located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, State College is a college town heavily influenced by the campus life of Penn State University and have gained the nickname “Happy Valley” for its resilience during the Great Depression. Downtown State College provide the public with essential resource, accommodation, and entertainment that stretch along College Ave and Beaver Ave. In 2010, CQ Press ranked State College as the third-safest metropolitan area in the country. They say there’s something magical about the Nittany Valley, where time just seems to stand still. Updates on the downtown area’s current affairs and additions can be located on this topic page.

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Believe it or not, there's other places in State College that sell great ice cream. Meyer Dairy is one of them.
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Herwig's Austrian Bistro is one of State College's hidden culinary gems with bacon, sausage, and more.
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For the first time, you have a chance to explore the State College pizza scene with Coach Hand at the inaugural Herb Hand Pizza Crawl on Sunday, April 27. It's $20 to sign-up, and each attendee will receive a limited edition Pizza Crawl t-shirt, a 'Hope, Courage, Strength' wristband from Bands4RAINN, and a slice of pizza at all five scheduled stops.
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Two men are recovering from stab wounds after a violent confrontation inside a State College apartment building.

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So maybe it didn’t exactly come from Italy, but we all know and love it just the same. Oh yeah, I’m talking about pizza. But not just any pizza, no sir. I’m here to tell you a little bit about the top five surprisingly wonderful pizza places a townie like myself can’t live a day without.
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With government funding decreasing across the board for most local agencies, the Schlow Centre Region Library hasn't been able to escape a similar fate either. The library's state funding has decreased from $623,283 in 2008 to $419,030 in 2014, resulting in a cumulative total of $982,571 lost in aid over that time period. To attempt to make up for the budgetary restraints placed on it by the state, the library's donations and increase funding from the Centre Region Council of Goverments has greatly increased, but there is still a budget shortfall. In order to make the shortfall hurt a little less, the library has decided to close for the week of May 12th to the 18th.
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A second church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints is being built on Beaver avenue in downtown State College.
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After almost two weeks, bank accounts are beginning to feel the blow of 55 Days of Café, but it's possible to earn your place in Café history and your name on this year's plaque without decimating your life's savings
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In the name of journalism -- ok, it was mostly because the Drunk Deliveries people haven't expanded to breakfast yet -- I ventured down to the Taco Bell on E. College Ave at 7 a.m. when the doors opened. This one is for history.
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A former employee of Keystone Real Estate Group is suing the company for alleged discrimination and harassment due to her gender and lesbian relationship with a co-worker.
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