Located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, State College is a college town heavily influenced by the campus life of Penn State University and have gained the nickname “Happy Valley” for its resilience during the Great Depression. Downtown State College provide the public with essential resource, accommodation, and entertainment that stretch along College Ave and Beaver Ave. In 2010, CQ Press ranked State College as the third-safest metropolitan area in the country. They say there’s something magical about the Nittany Valley, where time just seems to stand still. Updates on the downtown area’s current affairs and additions can be located on this topic page.

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The service industry works hard to get you what you need, so help them out by tipping them properly.
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Michael Pilato certainly had a busy Homecoming week, with several major additions on his Heister Street mural. Football fans should recognize some of these new faces next to the "main" Joe Paterno mural image.
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A Penn State student pleaded guilty in court Thursday to charges of ethnic intimidation and criminal mischief for painting a swastika as part of a fraternity prank.
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Pickles Orange Tea Spice
With chilly weather creeping up on State College, it's time to start thinking about what you'll be drinking at the bars to get the fall fever.
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Pumpkin Festival, Hosler Oak at night 2012-10-20 -
With fall just around the corner, the leaves are starting to change colors, people are breaking out their warm clothes, and, like any other time of the year, State College will be hosting a ton of seasonal, non-drinking activities for people of all ages. Here’s the rundown of all the things you can and should be looking forward to this fall in Happy Valley.
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Baby Mike Does Hot Yoga
Let me start off by saying this: I have never done yoga. I am not flexible whatsoever, and I often neglect stretching when I work out. So who on Onward State was more qualified than me to try out State College's only hot yoga studio? Nobody, that's who.
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If you can’t even deal with this cold weather, read this.

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Okay, it's only September, and you're only just starting to get used to the roommates you have now. You're barely settled in. Unfortunately, though, here at Penn State things move fast, and it's already time to start apartment hunting for next year. It's a stressful process, especially if you're a freshman. So, in the spirit of simplifying things, here's a breakdown of the basics.
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After ending the policy last year, downtown State College’s Five Guys is once again open until 2 A.M. on home football weekends. Penn State students’ quasi-tradition of drunkenly hunting for food has become much easier.
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Marco Rubio Speech On Innovation At Uber's DC Offices
The fast-growing and tepidly controversial ride-sharing company Uber is apparently looking to expand its services to State College.