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Pennsylvania State University is a land grant institution founded in 1855. Penn State is one of the country’s most renowned public research universities and boasts an enrollment of about 100,000 students across its 24 campuses.

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Mike Morse, known by his students simply as Coach, or Coach Morse, currently teaches fitness walking, bowhunting, and men's basketball as a part of the Kinesiology Physical Activity Program (KPAP). He is often seen leading a pack of students through campus, donning a baseball cap and a towel draped around his neck. The sight is somewhat reminiscent of Forrest Gump running in the desert with a pack of clueless followers behind. And from the life stories told by Coach Morse, it seems as though he may have a lot more in common with Forrest than your average Joe.
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An aspect that's often overlooked, but still important to observe, is the legacy that our predecessors have left before us. Penn State has a rich history of prominent figures that have walked our campus many years before us.
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Everyone knows Penn State is a massive place with tons of students. What you might not have known is that Penn State is one of only six schools in the United States with a student population of more than 40,000.
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Lisa Wandel is your typical Penn State employee. Director of Residential Dining here at Penn State, you may see her walking around campus in business casual attire and a pleasant smile. She’s comes from a Penn State family, a graduate herself and two children who were/are Penn State students. Nothing out of the ordinary. What you wouldn’t know at first glance is that she’s a total bad ass and president of the Centre County Women’s Adventure Club.
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In the 1930s, Amos Neyhart started the first driver's education courses for high school students at State College Area High School.
Remember those pesky driver's education courses you were required to take in high school? You can thank Amos Neyhart for that.
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Great news came yesterday -- Leah Still had successful surgery to remove a tumor.
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According to the Annual Security Report, last year there were 40 burglaries, 19 aggravated assaults, 17 forcible sexual offenses, and eight fires reported on campus. Additionally, 10 forcible sexual offenses occurred off campus in buildings that are owned or controlled by Penn State, and one forcible sexual offense occurred off campus on public property. These numbers represent a decrease from last year.
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GE has announced that it will donate up to $10 million to the university over the course of the next five years to create the "Center for Collaborative Research on Intelligent Natural Gas Suppy Systems at Penn State." CCRINGSS for short.
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Eric Barron has ambitious plans for his presidency, but after more than four months on the job, he hasn't forgotten to manage the community.
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Inside Waring Commons' West Food District lies a dessert straight out of Penn State lore, up there with Berkey Creamery ice cream and Grilled Stickies: West Cookies. When you say the phrase, everyone knows what you mean. Everyone knows what to picture: warm, gooey, fresh-baked rounds placed underneath sliding glass, gently laid on a bed of wax paper atop the baking sheet. What could anyone possibly have against them?