NCAA Elects Mark Emmert as New President

Newly elected NCAA President Mark Emmert stands at the podium during an NCAA conference.

Amid a variety of issues, such as basketball tournament expansion, college football playoffs, and hiring of minority coaches, the NCAA Executive Committee finally selected Mark A. Emmert as the fifth president of the NCAA Tuesday. Emmert, the current president of the University of Washington, will be filling the spot left by the late Myles Brand, who passed away in September of 2009. James L. Ish will continue to hold the interim position until no later than November 1 when Emmert will take over.

When talks to replace the late Brand began, Penn State’s president Graham Spanier seemed to be a likely candidate. However, Spanier quickly denied the allegations and will continue his tenure at dear Old State.

Instead, Emmert, who was previously a Chancellor at the Louisiana State University and the University of Connecticut, rose to the top of the voting pool. His credentials during his tenure at Washington are a likely reason why he was selected as the NCAA president.

He averages $1 billion in grants per year, which is second among all learning institutions. He also conducted the highest-paying private fundraiser in the university’s history, producing over $2.68 billion.

“It is my great honor to accept this assignment,” Emmert told, “It is more than a new job for me. This is special. This is an opportunity to help shape one of the great American institutions.”

“More than a new job” is a great way to put it. No longer does Emmert only have to worry about the problems in purple and gold; now he takes on the responsibility of the entire NCAA.

It is tough to say what will be the first issue on his agenda, but there is more than enough on his plate already. Will he turn the D-1 football post-season into a playoff tournament? It is a definite possibility.

Only a year an a half ago, Emmert was recorded saying this: “I happen to be one that thinks it’s inevitable we’ll have a playoff.”

Good news? Bad news? What are everyone’s thoughts on the new president?


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