Campus Leaders to Host Race Debate

University Park Undergraduate Association President Christian Ragland, Association of Residence Hall Students Diversity Chair Johnnie Geathers, and NAACP President Travis Salters will host a forum titled “What’s Race Got to Do With It?” tonight from 7-9 p.m. in the Waring Cultural Lounge.

According to its Facebook event, the forum will be a discussion about race and its role at Penn State. The conversation will not stop there, though. Topics such as appearance and interracial dating will be also addressed.

“The purpose of the event is to engage Penn State students about race and where we are culturally as a university,” said Ragland.

The discussion is not just about race, but rather the ways students can become multi-culturally engaged.

“That is the true definition of diversity,” he said.

Not only is it important to be engaged, one must also be willing to embrace their individual identity, said Travis Salters. “If people don’t embrace themselves [for who they really are] they are being held back,” he said. “Hopefully having the UPUA, NAACP and ARHS together will draw more people into the discussion.”

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