State College: Housing Affordable, Where Available

It is unquestionable that college is an investment. College is a life decision that affects all areas of one’s life: academic, social, and monetary.

A property survey released on November 11 by Coldwell Banker documented the purchase cost of “four bedroom, two bathroom properties” in home markets of 120 football subdivision schools.

But where did State College fit into the picture? In a ranking of 117 schools, Penn State placed #86, with a 2010 Average Home Listing Price of $276,900. The least expensive school to live near was Ball State University (Muncie, In.) with a 2010 AHLP of $105,115. The most expensive school to reside near was Stanford University (Palo Alto, Ca.) with a 2010 AHLP of $1,385,652.

According to the  survey’s methodology, Coldwell Banker “conducted an online survey of 425 self-selected realty professionals who represent markets home to major colleges or universities.”

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