Eco-Action to ‘Bare’ Witness for Alternate Energy

Talk about pulling out all the stops. At 3:40 p.m. on Thursday December 2, members of Eco-Action, a student advocacy group for alternative energy, plan to show solidarity in a unique fashion…by dropping their pants.

According to a press release, the demonstration outside of the HUB comes as President Spanier and Penn State must make a decision about “the future of the West Campus coal-fired steam plant in January 2011.”

If this weren’t enough, the students will stand behind a banner “proclaiming that they are ‘More Embarrassed About Dirty Fossil Fuel Use On Campus!'”

According to Eco-Action, the act will “demonstrate what a huge embarrassment it is that thousands of tons of fossil fuels continue to be burned every year here at Penn State.” To continue this practice is environmentally irresponsible, the group said in a press release.

“We believe that the administration should seize this opportunity to prove they are serious about Penn State’s renewable energy future by following the example of other universities” that have recently transitioned similar steam plants to renewable energy resources, such as Ball State.

This demonstration just goes to show that mature debate has not been lost here at Penn State. When a party won’t listen, what is the next logical course of action? Drop your pants.

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