Outdoor Thrift Shop On The Come-Up Outside Palmer Museum

A nomadic, upcycling store will make its way to the courtyard outside the Palmer Art Museum next Wednesday from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. The Palmer Pop Up Thrift Shop is organized by students Michael Grasso, Tessa Sontheimer, Sloane King, and Caleb Bernstein as an assignment for their Art in the Anthropocene class, taught by Heather Davis.

“The incentive of the installation will be to facilitate dialogues about community building, and the value of upcycling in relation to environmental protection,” its event page reads.

Customers will be able to choose one donated item from the outdoor boutique in exchange for their money knowledge.

“Patrons will make payments by writing down their thoughts and opinions about the value of upcycling upon the environment,” Grasso said. “The whole purpose of the thrift shop is to facilitate dialogues about upcycling, and the positive impacts of reusing possessions on the environment, rather than getting it sent to the landfill.”

Grasso, a sophomore sculpture student, was inspired by his aunt who recently opened her own upcycling store.

“I liked the idea of doing it for free on campus, because you have to get a permit to actually sell things but you can give things away for people’s opinions for free,” he said.

The group members created a Facebook page for the event and initially only invited 200 friends. Currently, over 600 people say they’re attending the project’s the culminating event. “I’m really excited. It will be a really good community building experience,” Grasso said.

Donations to the Palmer Pop Up Thrift Shop will be accepted in 302 Patterson building from 2:30 to 4:30pm on April 22 and 27. Anything from clothes to books to household objects will be accepted.