HBO To Air ‘Paterno’ On Saturday, April 7

Paterno, the long-awaited biopic starring Al Pacino that is based around the former Penn State coach’s life and events that led to his firing, finally has a release date. HBO announced it will air on Saturday, April 7.

The network has provided a bit of information about the documentary in the buildup to its release, including a teaser trailer back in January. Pacino, the man behind the character of Michael Corleone in ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Scarface,’ will star in the film as Paterno in the final months of his life. Kathy Baker and Greg Gunberg will play the roles of Sue and Scott Paterno, respectively.

The release date was included in a new trailer released Friday, which included clips of journalist Sara Ganim speaking to a victim who came forward and of students rioting downtown. It concludes with a conversation between Joe and Sue Paterno.

Many Penn Staters are unhappy with the fact that the movie will gloss over Paterno’s 55-year coaching career and instead focus primarily on the Sandusky scandal.

Despite this, the movie reportedly does not take a firm stance on whether or not Paterno knew about Sandusky’s conduct; director Barry Levinson emphasizes the complexity of the case throughout the film.

“I think the film has to deal with the complexity of it all, rather than say he did this or he didn’t do that. … The questioning of it is part of the fabric of the piece,” he said. “It truly is a tragedy.”