State College Police Crack Down On Alcohol Furnishing Ahead Of State Patty’s Day

The State College Police Department has cracked down on alcohol furnishing crimes downtown ahead of State Patty’s Day weekend, specifically patrolling for this kind of crime throughout the week.

Seven incidents involving of-age students purchasing alcohol for underage students have been reported to the police in the past two days, including four throughout Thursday. According to the police department, $600-800 worth of alcohol was seized on Thursday alone.

One specific incident saw a 21-year old male purchase nearly $500 worth of alcohol for a 20-year old female on Thursday. Another 22-year old male bought seven bottles of liquor for a 19-year old female on the same day. None of the perpetrators in Thursday’s four furnishing cases have been charged or cited, but they will be in the coming days.

On Wednesday, a male purchase nine bottles of vodka for an underage girl. The male was cited with furnishing alcohol to minors and the female received a citation for underage possession of alcohol.

The department does not plan to do anything special for State Patty’s Day itself on Saturday. Extra patrolmen will be deployed throughout downtown, which is standard each year for the student-initiated “holiday.”

A memo was sent to student residents in the Borough this week (without addressing State Patty’s Day by name) reminding tenants not to host guests or parties in their apartments on Saturday. Downtown businesses were also asked not to hold any specials or extended hours this weekend to deter crime and reckless behavior.