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Author: Nicholas Cane

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Game Over: Mike McQueary, the True Hero of Penn State

Former Penn State student and Innoblue founder David Adewumi penned a heart-felt defense of Mike McQueary. He, says Adewumi, is the real hero. Read the column after the jump.

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Innoblue Garage: Coming Fall 2011

Innoblue cofounder David Adewumi explains the collaborative workspace the Penn State non-profit venture will open in the State College Municipal Building next fall.

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Why President Spanier Should Take a $1 Salary

This is one of the most critical times in the 156-year history of this university.

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For Our Future — Tuition, State Appropriations, and What it All Means

Then Pennsylvania State University is the most expensive state-related university in the nation. Florida students pay about one-fourth of what we pay (in-state), while University of Maryland students pay one-half. California students were paying much less than Penn State students (until the state went bankrupt, and students tuition increased by more than thirty percent). According to Dr. Spanier today, for the 60% of students who have loans, they graduate with an average debt of almost $30,000. This brings to light a few questions: Why do we pay so much for a four-year education compared to other state-related universities? Is it all worth it to be a part of the largest and arguably the most exciting alumni-base in the world? What does any of it mean?

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Someone Ought to Do Something

Before Walt Disney became known as the man behind Mickey and the legendary theme parks, he was with his children and saw an old amusement park and said to himself, ‎"Is this all there is?"

The entrepreneur looks at the world around her, and asks ‘Is this all there is?' And, as one author states, “the new world she or he will create as a result of that audacious inquiry is one that cannot possibly be conceived by people.”

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Penn State Rugger on Good Morning America

Penn State Men's team Junior Scrumhalf Arnold Chavis was the subject of an excellent story on Good Morning America recently. We are very proud of Arnold, and his accomplishments. He is an inspiration to us all. To view the story, click here.

Watch a video about Chavis after the jump.

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