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Stately Inquisitor

Here at Onward State, we especially enjoy it when people comment on our posts. In fact, it makes us downright giddy. Question of the Day is a feature on OS that begs to know what you think.

Here’s how the game works:
Step 1: Read the question.
Step 2: Answer the question.
Step 3: Rinse and Repeat.

Please don’t hesitate to be hilarious and/or original.

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: Who Killed It?

Out of the dozen or so teams to perform last night, we want to know...

What Penn State team had the best performance at the Saturday night pep rally?

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: THON Weekend

After a year of planning, THON is finally here. This post is just the start of our coverage, but to kick it off, we want to know:

Which part of THON weekend are you most looking forward to?

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: UPUA’s Spring Festival’s Name

Think Wallypalooza is a bad name for a music festival? You're not the only one. UPUA is looking for suggestions to rename the festival.

Though it is yet to be decided how the final name will be picked, any and all suggestions are welcome. To submit your idea, tweet your name [email protected] We'd like to know, too.

What should UPUA's Spring Music Festival be called?

Also, volunteers are still needed. Their next meeting is Monday at 7:30 p.m. in 262 Willard and is open to anyone interested.

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: V-Day Plans

I don't really like Valentine's day, but my girlfriend certainly does. I've got a pretty stacked Valentine's Day planned out but I wanted to know how other people's plans stack up. So tell me:

What do you have planned for V-Day?

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: Wi-Fi Goodness

So I was loggin' onto the wireless internets in my apartment building today and saw some pretty good networks names (also known as SSID's). So my question is:

Are there any hilarious/awkward/ridiculous Wi-Fi networks in the area where you live?

Note: I've never tried to connect to "thirdflohoes" for fear of getting a virus (see photo).

Another note: lol.

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: Wallypalooza Headliner?

With Wallypalooza looking downright Athenian in its level of democracy this year, we've decided to consult the masses on their musical preferences for this year's show. So...

Who should play at Wallypalooza 2010?

Best part about today's question: Wallypalooza may actually consider your suggestions.

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