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Stately Inquisitor

Here at Onward State, we especially enjoy it when people comment on our posts. In fact, it makes us downright giddy. Question of the Day is a feature on OS that begs to know what you think.

Here’s how the game works:
Step 1: Read the question.
Step 2: Answer the question.
Step 3: Rinse and Repeat.

Please don’t hesitate to be hilarious and/or original.

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: Holiday Swag

I'll tell you what. I was just like this kid when I opened up a box with a No. 22 Penn State Football Jersey inside of it. So what I want to know is:

What kind of Penn State-related swag did you get during the holidays?

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: Winter Break Edition

Winter break is finally upon us after a long semester which brought snow in mid-October and 70-degree weather in November. With school over for a few weeks, we want to know: What are you up to over break? .Working? Playing? Sledding? Traveling? Capital One Bowling? .[Photo]

Reader-Submitted Post

We Have A Winner!

For the past week, we here at Onward State have been scientifically going through the comments of our “Win Band Hero” Question of the Day to determine which band name in the comments was best and, therefore, most fit to win a copy of Band Hero for the Xbox 360. After much discussion, we have […]

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: “Win Band Hero” Edition!

Today’s Question of the Day is very special. The commenter who posts the best comment will win a free copy of Band Hero* for the Xbox 360! So get your thinking caps on and fire up your creativity, because today we want to know If you had a band, what would you name it? *Note […]

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of The Day

After a night spent at the edge of your seat waiting to find out where Penn State would be playing come January, it is now decision time. While it ain’t a BCS bowl, it’s pretty darn close. As your initial disappointment subsides, you realize that our boys need our support. Can you see yourself in […]

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: Thanksgiving Aftermath

Oh boy, Thanksgiving Break was ridiculous. With all the traveling and endless waves of rarely seen relatives, some people I know were practically begging to get back to school. How did you fare during Thanksgiving Break? . Bonus points for comments/stories involving New Jersey, questionable family members, and ruined Thanksgiving dinners. [Photo]

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