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Onward Debates: Old Main Lawn vs. HUB Lawn

The two major hot spots for lounging outdoors are Old Main lawn and the HUB lawn, but is one really better than the other? Our staffers weighed the pros and cons of each and arrived at their own conclusions.

Onward Debates: Evaluating Trace McSorley

When three year starting quarterback Christian Hackenberg left for the NFL, the future of the position was uncertain. After three games, we debate Trace McSorley's success and what the future brings.

Onward Debates: The Battle Of The Penn State Critters

It's hard to pick a favorite Penn State animal. In fact, we at Onward State couldn't pick a single critter to be named the best Penn State animal. So a few of our writers chose our favorites furry friends to defend. Behold! The Battle of the Penn State Critters!

Onward Debates: The Best State College Bar Food

If you're looking for a bar that will offer you something to eat after you've begun your descent to total inebriation, here are the Onward State staff picks for the best bar foods in town.

Onward Debates: Who is Penn State’s Biggest Rival?

There's no doubt that Penn State has a number of rivalries when it comes to the world of sports. Whether on the gridiron or the hardwood, there are a select few teams that hype up the fan base and the players -- whether or not they admit it's more than "just another game" to the media -- when they see the name on the schedule. A few of our writers came up with a shortlist that includes Ohio State, Michigan, Pitt, and Temple. Penn State Altoona was briefly considered but didn't make the Final Four.

Onward Debates: Should Penn State Hoops Permanently ‘Return to Rec’?

Although the result wasn't quite what the fans wanted, Return to Rec was a success. The arena was packed, the atmosphere was electric, and it was a ton of fun to watch the hoops team make the way down Curtin Road to its old digs. With Bryce Jordan Center attendance lacking immensely in recent years, it begs the question of considering a permanent "Return to Rec." Two of our writers, Zach Berger and Ben Berkman, took a stab at debating the topic.

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