Author Haley Blazer

1 The Vagina Monologues Return to Penn State

The Vagina Monologues was not the more of the same mindless entertainment we see so much these days; no — it was fodder for the brain, a push to think about things rarely, if ever, thought about. A tangible haze of contemplative thought and unchecked estrogen settled over the crowd. I caught myself tuning the questions explored by the characters back on myself (i.e. what would my vagina wear if I were to dress it?) It was strangely refreshing.

Student Life
8 Just Another Freshman Psyched for State Patty’s

An argument could be made that I am a bad Penn Stater. Admittedly, I have not attended a single sporting event in my freshman year. Even this past weekend I found myself tossed amid the student body minority not queuing up outside the BJC at all hours. I’d like to defend myself, however. I attend classes, participate in various groups around campus, and, of course, I like to let loose when the weekend rolls around. Actually, I like to let shit hit the fan. So, State Patty’s? I’m interested.