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Countless Farewells And A Roast: UPUA’s 12th Assembly Comes To A Close

“Penn State deserves nothing better than the best, and UPUA has worked for years to gain respect and to prove that. Uphold the standards of the past and expand them in the future.”

We Want To Hear Why You Got Kicked Out Of The Bar

Whether it’s from the night of your 21st or just a random blacked-out Wednesday night at Gaffeoke, we want to hear about why you got kicked out of the bar.

The Penn State Thespians Present: ‘Spring Awakening’

Cowards from the truth, the adults are no help in the teenagers’ quest to find who they are and what it means to be sexual beings.

LGBT Theatre Alliance To Host Third Annual LGBTQA Prom

Enjoy a night of 1920s-themed fun with the third annual LGBTQA Prom hosted by the LGBT Theatre Alliance.

University Libraries To Host Second Annual Edible Book Festival

The festival is Penn State’s version of the larger International Edible Book Festival, held around the world on April 1 each year to celebrate the birthday of gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

Student Orientation And Transition Programs Holding Auditions For Musical About Penn State

The show, tentatively named Welcome to Penn State: The Musical, will detail the trials and triumphs of the first-year experience at Penn State and be presented to new students at their summer orientation.

SPA Presents Diversity On A College Campus Panel

The Discussion of Diversity on a College Campus Panel aimed to address how students can take steps to be more inclusive and diverse on campus.

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