Day: February 11, 2010

Penn State’s Facebook Woes

Everybody knows Penn State rarely cancels classes at University Park because of snow. We've been told this since before enrollment and it's been repeated since. Yet, like clockwork, every time a snowstorm comes into Happy Valley, the students start clamoring for classes to be canceled. The Office of the Physical Plant works very hard to ensure that campus walkways and roads are safe for students to traverse, same can be said for the State College Department of Public Works. Now, I'm not going to discuss whether or not I think classes should have been canceled, I am going to discuss the issues that Penn State had with their Facebook account regarding the snow.

First off, stop complaining on Facebook, I'm tired of my feed being filled with people moaning that they have to get up and go to class, as if they haven't been doing that since age 5. It's State College, it snows, buy some boots and deal with it. Secondly, posting angry profanity-laced messages on Penn State's Facebook page isn't going to get anyone anywhere. While moderately unfair that several of the commonwealth campuses got their classes canceled, complaining on Facebook isn't going to change anything. It's immature, unnecessary, and inappropriate.

UPUA Meeting: Upcoming Election Issues, State Patty’s

Wednesday night's UPUA meeting tackled a few lingering issues within the assembly, including last week's amendment proposals for the Elections Code, which were vetoed by President Gavin Keirans, and this year's State Paddy's Day.

Last week, Keirans vetoed the 2010 Elections Code, stating that there was a significant, even unconstitutional (the UPUA's constitution, that is) issue with the proportion of representatives proposed in the new amendments. The amendment would have changed the number of On-Campus Reps from six to eight, and the number of Off-Campus Representatives from 10 to 12.

Another issue that Keirans cited was a part of his decision for the veto, were the new changes to the timeline of the election, including the date of the election this year and the period in which candidates would be eligible to campaign.

Learn more about the election issues (and State Patty's Day) after the jump.

Overheard on Twitter

Yup. This pretty much sums yesterday up. For some laughs, check out the Penn State Facebook Fan page.

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