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Month: April 2011

Stefen Wisniewski Taken 48th in NFL Draft

Former Penn State offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski was taken 48th in the NFL Draft on Friday by the Oakland Raiders. Wisniewski will now try to follow up an illustrious four years at Penn State with a career in the NFL. At Oakland, he will have a chance to start right away due to the lack of depth on the Raiders' offensive line.

Stoop Kid’s Afraid to Leave the Stoop

Editor and graduating senior Caity Rogowski writes about living the questions, facing fears, sharing burdens, and accepting reality.

"If you’ve ever seen the movie You’ve Got Mail, you’ll understand me when I say I have the “Kathleen Kelly Syndrome.” I often have trouble saying exactly what I mean. Instead, I find it easier to outsource by using quotes or songs to convey my message. That’s why you’ll find a few of my favorites scattered throughout this post: my senior column."

Movin’ On Schedule: GET STOKED!

That's right everyone, tonight is Movin' On. It is the last "regular" Friday, the last weekend we will all spend here together this year, and possibly the last night we will get to roam the streets of this town like packs of beer-ravenous wolves and eat disturbingly large amounts of what may be petrified grease with our senior compadres.

Where did it all go? I have no idea. And it sucks.

Nonetheless, let's not make this a night of long faces and occasional tears, but one of merriment and celebration. Let's celebrate these friendships in the way we have always here in Happy Valley, and what better way to honor such a special night than with Movin' On? But who all is playing and at what time? Let's take a look.

Secret Stash of Coca-Cola Found in Campus Building

When you're craving a refreshing soda, Sierra Mist just won't cut it no matter how natural the ingredients. You need the classic soft drink company Coca-Cola and its brand of lemon-lime heaven, Sprite, to do the job right. Unfortunately, Penn State sold its soul to the copy-cat cola, PepsiCo back in the 90s, and we're still suffering the consequences.
However, recent investigation confirms that Penn State isn't completely dry of Coke. Yeah, that's right. They've been holding out on us.

Celebrate The End Of Classes At Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Atlas, a Special Interest THON organization, is continuing their fight to end pediatric cancer by sponsoring a local Alex's Lemonade stand tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Grab a fresh beverage and celebrate the last day of classes, all while helping a good cause.

UPUA Passes 2011-2012 Budget, Core Council Review

Last night, The University Park Undergraduate Association held its final General Assembly of this academic year. The Assembly had an agenda filled to the brim in order to get everything in before they break for finals, and then summer.

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