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Kill Hypocrisy, Not Greek Life: An Open Letter To The Penn State Administration And Board Of Trustees

Penn State Greek life has allowed thousands of men just like me to grow into better people and successful members of society. Depriving anyone of this amazing opportunity, even for just a semester, is not only a disservice to the students but a hypocritical action of the university.

LeaderShape Applications Now Open

The week is designed to improve society by inspiring, developing, and supporting students to lead and live with integrity.

Penn State Student Entrepreneur Brings Vintage Gear To Campus

Senior Allen Cao created a vintage clothing company to supply unique retro Penn State gear.


But the truth is that I’ll be there in spirit somewhere — standing, fidgeting, nervously swaying, joyously jumping, etc. — from the opening kickoff to the final play of the game. And after it’s over, after the clock hits triple zeroes and the whole wild ride of the 2016 season has concluded and it’s time to exit those gates, I hope that all you Penn Staters fortunate enough to be in that stadium will have the chance to walk outside, across the parking plot plains, look back one last time at that iconic neon-lit sign, and whisper out into the California night — We got back, man. We got back.

Penn State Chapter Of Uplifting Athletes Touchdown Pledge Drive Set For Saturday Against Rutgers

The football student-athlete led Nittany Lions Chapter will continue their mission of inspiring the rare disease community with hope through the power of sport by raising money for every touchdown scored on Saturday.

Community Content: Penn State Chapter Of NAACP To Hold Sit In At Women’s Volleyball Match Wednesday

The Penn State Chapter of NAACP are going to be taking a "stand by doing a sit in" during the national anthem of the Penn State Women's Volleyball game Wednesday.

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