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Author: Ryen Gailey

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Ryen Gailey

Ryen is a freshman early childhood education major from "right outside of Philly" - or in exact words, from 23.0 miles outside of Philly. She loves all things Penn State and has been a huge Penn State gal since before she could walk. Send her pictures of puppies, or hate mail at [email protected]

Student Life

Your Worst Penn State Freshman Roommate Horror Stories: Part Two

If last week's stories of roommates' boyfriends selling underwear didn't scare you off, check in for part two of freshman roommate horror stories.

Student Life

Your Worst Penn State Freshman Roommate Horror Stories

If stories about freshmen peeing in sinks (or on their roommates) are your thing, then keep reading.

Student Life

Kalen Allen Brings Laughter And Inspiration As Pride Month Keynote Speaker

"I'm not trying to be put in a box and have people tell me what kind of gay I have to be. I would rather people just say, 'Oh that's Kalen.'"

Student Life

[Photo Story] Ag Day Brings Loads Of Animals, Ice Cream, And Excitement

Penn State's College of Agriculture hosted its annual Ag Day, drawing hundreds to the selection of interactive activities and ice cream.

Student Life

We Want To Hear Your Freshman Roommate Horror Stories

As the school year winds down, freshmen are left either counting the days until they get away from their roommate or preparing for the biggest meltdown of their lives when they have to leave each other.

Student Life

State College And The Campaign Trail: Penn State’s History As A Presidential Stomping Ground

Penn State has served as a stop on the campaign trail for many presidential hopefuls and White House residents alike.

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