Author: Steve Connelly

Steve Connelly is a junior majoring in PR and an editor for Onward State. He is a proud native of the state of New Jersey, and yes, he is literal trash. He is a soccer fan, nap enthusiast, and chicken tender connoisseur. He tried to be a photographer once, but the only good thing that came out of it is a name for his future sports bar, The Blurry Zamboni. You can follow him on Twitter @slc2o (feel free to slide) and email him at [email protected]

Onward Investigates: What’s This Random Basketball Hoop Next To The THON Raffle

“We don’t have a ball, but if you have a ball and want to play, go for it,” the THON Raffle attendant said.

[VIDEO] Men’s Gymnastics Rocks The Pep Rally

Check out all the sights and sounds from this year’s event.

Men’s Gymnastics Repeats As Pep Rally Champions

Pep Rally 2018 didn’t disappoint (not that it even could). This year’s addition was a lip sync battle — pitting the best of Penn State Athletics against each other.

Penn State Softball’s Kristina Brackpool Gets Her Chance To Dance In THON

Prior to THON 2018, Kristina Brackpool had never been to the annual 46-hour dance marathon before. Not only will she be in attendance for the first time, the fifth-year senior is also a dancer.

What Happens When You Turn 21 During THON?

Sometimes you end up turning 21 on an unlucky night — maybe a random Monday when you have a test the next day or over summer when all you really want to do is be back in Happy Valley. Then there’s an entirely different situation: having your birthday in the middle of THON.

THON 2018 Debuts Snapchat Filter

It’s certainly an improvement on last year, when THON kicked off without filter or a story due to an issue with getting designs approved. However compared to years past, the filter isn’t quite at the same level.

Creamery Announces New Ice Cream Flavor, THON Gold Ribbon Ripple

“We were honored when THON came to us about doing a special flavor,” said Jim Brown, assistant manager of creamery operations. “We thought what better way to pay tribute to the children and their families, and this amazing event.”