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Legion Of Blue VP Pied In The Face Live On Television

Although it may or may not have been set up, ESPN shared a video of Legion of Blue Vice President Andrew Flately taking a pie to the face in the background of the Big Ten Network’s commentary team on Wednesday night.

Our THON 2019 Cover Band Wishlist

THON 2018 had a terrific lineup of cover artists, but there are still some acts that we would like to see take the stage next year.

Here Are Some Very Good Penn State Puppers From These Past Few Very Good Days

Some Very Good Boys and Very Good Girls were out-and-about enjoying the beautiful weather at Penn State.

Our Strangest Out-Of-Context Tweets From THON 2018

It’s fun to look at the all the photos and videos from THON this past weekend, but scrolling through our Twitter was more weird than it was endearing.

What Ned Bigby Was Doing Instead Of Making An Appearance At THON, Probably

Ned Bigby (or Devon Werkheiser, but we prefer Ned Bigby) has missed two THONs in a row now. We speculate where he could’ve been instead.

Our Staffers Reflect On Their First THON

The THON experience is something Penn Staters don’t forget. Some of our staffers reflect on their first THON weekend.

Overheard On The White Loop During THON

Spending hours on end in the BJC can lead to intense sleep deprivation and, among other things, some very interesting conversations.