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Student Life

Shed The Expectations: Elissa Hill’s Senior Column

"I had all these expectations of myself and my college experience, and it took me a while to realize it was all just some made-up bullshit and that life's about doing what you want."


Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone: Matt Fox’s Senior Column

"Stepping out of your comfort zone is the one of the hardest things anybody can do. But when you're able to take the leap and make yourself do it, some of the most amazing things in your life can happen."

Student Life

Unknown Path To Success: Patrick Spurlock’s Senior Column

"I know my time at Penn State was not how I wanted it to be, but looking back, I would not change it for a second."


Never Stop Learning: Carly Weiss’ Senior Column

"While I’ve learned plenty in my classes, some of the most valuable lessons were learned outside of class."

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