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Penn State Essentially Says “Our Bad”

Remember that “Worrisome Veteran” video that has generated so much controversy? The University finally released a statement regarding their P.R. snafu last night: The university released a statement Thursday saying that the video wasn’t intended to stereotype veterans as worrisome students. It also says the video was cleared by “a number of focus groups that […]

Distraction of The Day: AHCG ’09

Today’s distraction doesn’t offer much to the majority of our female readers, but I’ve got the feeling that male Onward Staters won’t hate it. is once again doing its annual America’s Hottest College Girl contest, a March Maddness-style bracket of attractive co-eds. Penn State Junior Health Policy and Administration major Kristy is in the […]

Going Geek: PSU Tweets

Earlier today we posted about the discovery of a Twitter account possessed by none other than the Penn State Creamery. While it remains to be seen exactly what the Creamery plans to do with this new technology (“Hey, so we’re still here. And we still sell ice cream…”), there is no doubt that Twitter has […]

The Natty Nittany

Freshman Style.  Photographed on College Ave. Something you don’t see everyday on campus.  This is a good look.  There’s a lot to be taken from this outfit.  See what you can find.  Have a nice weekend and stay well dressed at those parties, Penn State!

Ice Cream + Internet = ???

Come on, if you’re not on Twitter yet, why not? Even the creamery is doing it! (I hope they push out coupons and other deals via Twitter– that’d be sweet.)

Update on the Maryland Porn Scandal

If you recall, we wrote about the Maryland Porn Scandal a few days ago. That post drew many comments, and even some copycats (without attribution). But, at the time, the issue had not come to a conclusion. Now, it may have. After campus administrators canceled a planned showing of a pornographic movie, “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s […]

Penn State Students to Perform Off-Broadway

At the end of this month, three shows from Penn State’s School of Theatre will be performed Off-Broadway at The York Theatre in New York City. The festival, titled “Penn State at the York,” will take place on Saturday April 25th starting at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and Sunday, April 26th at 3:00pm.

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