Archival Stories

Purple Wins Color Wars 2018

Purple chose to kick last year’s winner, Orange, from competing in 2019.

Piano Fight Club Lights Up BJC With Unique Set Filled With Firsts

The dueling piano group Piano Fight Club brought a brief and unique set to the BJC filled with some firsts for THON.

Natty Nittany: THON 2018 Edition

THON 2018 didn’t disappoint with color, fanny packs, tutus, capes, and cool leggings in this edition of Natty Nittany.

Brass Cadillacs Rocks The BJC With Throwback Ska Set

Brass Cadillacs and their unique third-wave-ska style paired with classic 2000s throwbacks brought the BJC a much needed early morning jump.

Crossing The Atlantic To Experience THON

Imagine for Margo started as a way to honor Patricia Blanc’s young daughter’s legacy. Margo passed away in 2010 of a brain tumor. Barely a teenager, Margo fought cancer for 16 months with tremendous courage — organizing ways to spread awareness of childhood cancer during her final stretch.

Overheard On the BJC Concourse

We walked through the BJC concourse, and we happened to “overhear” some very interesting things.

THON Entertainment Committee Engages Crowd In New Ways

Through new, more interactive ways of getting the crowd involved, the Entertainment Committee has put forth a slew of new events and games for everyone to get into.