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Here is all the media information you'll need to know for this week's game vs. UMass.
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After a week of exciting developments, HBO announced it has suspended the Al Pacino movie 'Happy Valley' because of budgetary restrictions. This is the first time that a studio has claimed it was behind the screen adaptation of Joe Posnanski's 'Paterno.'
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Penn State will request $307.1 million in state appropriations for the 2015-16 year, a 6 percent increase ($9.4 million) over last year's request. Furthermore, Penn State is requesting $7.9 million to benefit a partnership between the state and university to stimulate Pennsylvania's economy.
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Freeh report release Mike Miciagno
The Board of Trustees discussed the Freeh Report for three to four hours in executive session this morning, and though it didn't come to a stance on it, Anthony Lubrano said after the meeting that it was the most open discussion the board has ever had about it.
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After a summer of anticipation, Beaver Stadium's scoreboards were met with resounding disappointment. Penn State was aware of that, and today's Board of Trustees meeting, OPP's Ford Stryker announced plans for less advertising dominance.
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Future Penn Staters got great news today and they don't even know it -- the Board of Trustees will discuss plans for renovations to East and Pollock Halls during its meeting in November, and today approved the addition of a residence hall to North Halls and the renovation of Findlay Commons.