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You may have not have noticed anything new in State College over the past few days with syllabus week going on, but for a place that spent decades being seen in a stasis, State College has had a lot of turnover lately. Since you left in May, the landscape of downtown has shifted. Here's a recap:
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East Halls

Every Fall, a gaggle of fresh faced lanyard-clad 18-year olds joins the Penn State community. Every Fall, they make the same, predictable decisions (read: mistakes) we all once made.

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mitchell wilston
Dominance is a strong word in sports. But even that word might not do justice to the remarkable 2013 of the Penn State women’s volleyball team, who looks to repeat its performance in 2014.
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hotel bethlehem
Since October 2013, Penn State Berkey Creamery ice cream has been served in restaurants in Bethlehem, PA. Now, the ice cream gets its own counter at the Hotel Bethlehem, and the residents and students in the Lehigh Valley couldn't be more excited.
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The University Park Undergraduate Association's general assembly kicked off the semester on Wednesday night with its first meeting of the academic year. Vice President of Student Affairs Damon Sims addressed the assembly, a new adviser was put in place with some minor controversy, and initiatives for the year were discussed.
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Penn State received high praise just a year ago when athletic integrity monitor George Mitchell released his first annual report detailing the athletic program's compliance with the Sandusky scandal sanctions. As we approach Mitchell's second report, which is expected to be released in the coming weeks, NCAA sources told SportingNews' Matt Hayes that there's a "strong case" to relieve the football program of the bowl ban.