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I believe when historians look back at this period in Penn State's history, the story will be one of terrific grit, solid determination, amazing spirit, and extraordinary resiliency. The stories of Penn State have not only been written in the past, but they are being written right now, and most of us in the Penn State Community are part of them.
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The 2nd annual College Town Film Festival is well underway at the State Theater and one of the most prominent features of this year’s festival is special guest James Denton also known as Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives. The festival features the screenings of several independent films as well as several shorts, one of which stars Denton.
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ESPN's Mike and Mike had viewers send in questions for Mark Emmert. The responses they received were hilarious.
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Former Penn State defensive end and current Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali may have a future in music after his football career ends. Hali released a rap/R&B song a few days back called "Hell Yeah," and it's actually pretty good.
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For this coming year, the Special Interest Organizations—organizations created primarily for the purpose of supporting THON—will have a brand-new Executive Board bring them together: the S.I.A., also known as the Special Interest Association.
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The University Police log can often provide some entertaining stories, but this one is hard to beat.