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Posts from the all-student staff of Onward State.

Our Staffers Reflect On Their First THON

The THON experience is something Penn Staters don’t forget. Some of our staffers reflect on their first THON weekend.

OS Reviews: New Creamery THON Flavor Gold Ribbon Ripple

The flavor is a chocolate ice cream with a golden caramel swirl and “white chips” which seem to be little pieces of white chocolate mixed throughout.

[Live Blog] Penn State THON 2018 – Total: $10,151,663

Welcome the central hub of Onward State’s coverage of THON 2018. Follow along here for updates, pictures, videos, and more from the 46th annual Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon.

[Live Blog] State Of State 2018: Freedom To Roar

This year’s forum is titled Freedom To Roar and features 16 speakers split into four categories, each discussing matters of Penn State life.

OS Reviews: Waker Chicken

Three of our staffers went into Waker Chicken with low expectations and came out Korean chicken converts.

Overheard At Bid Day

Bid day, if nothing else, is an extravaganza of epic proportions, which is why we decided to spend an hour Monday watching the events unfold just for your enjoyment.

New ‘Warm Yoga’ Fitness Class: We’ll Be Back For More

Three of our staffers tried out FitWell’s new “Warm Yoga” class and are already looking forward to their next session.