Frank Clemente’s Final Lecture


On Thursday, beloved Sociology professor Frank Clemente gave his final lecture in 100 Thomas to over 900 people. The standing-room only crowd was on hand to hear Clemente’s renowned “Rules of Life” lecture. Clemente’s Rules of Life are a series of suggestions that he gives his classes on how lead an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Frank Clemente’s Rules of Life

  1. Know yourself — respect yourself
  2. Live a full, passionate life
  3. Keep your health
  4. Raise the bar
  5. Give something back
  6. Don’t be afraid of risk or failure
  7. Always take the high road
  8. Remember the buffalo
  9. Follow your dream
  10. Tomorrow belongs to you

Onward State was on hand with a video camera to record the event, we’ve included the video below (Make some time to watch it though, as it’s over an hour long).


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  2. My boy Bomz was a TA for Frankie back in ’03. I liked when he told stories about Coors Light.

  3. [email protected] on

    i was planning to go bak for a visit and sit in class. i am sad that i cant do that now :'(

  4. [email protected] on

    let me know if u ever find out about the book! i would love it too

  5. [email protected] on

    i was planning on it next year. this is a true bummer

  6.  went the year after I graduated with my roommate who was still there.  that was the year before this.  

  7. do you remember what the bufflo thing was?  I can’t remember and now it’s bugging me I might have to go find my old notes.