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about 4 years ago

Phyrst Closed for the Week


Following a similar fate to that of the Mezzanine, the Phyrst has been shut down for the week due to an imposition by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. A sign on the door to Ernie’s reads the following:

“The Office of Administrative Law Judge has suspended the license of this establishment for violations of the Pennsylvania Liquor Code as set forth in an administrative law judge order. During the period of suspension, it is unlawful for the licensee, his servants, agents or employees to sell, give, furnish, trade, barter, serve or deliver any liquor or malt or brewed beverages to any person.”

There is no timeline given on the sign, but according to the Twitter account of Table Ten (@TableTen), a local band that typically performs at The Phyrst on Tuesday nights, the bar will be closed “this week”.

Since it is such a popular coming-of-age bar, it looks like everyone turning 21 this week will now be forced to other bars such as Kildare’s, the Phyrst’s designated knockoff, or the Mezzanine, which will open back up on Wednesday. No word on what the specific incident or incidents were that prompted the shutdown.

Let us know what your back-up bar will be this week in the comments below!

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