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about 3 years ago

FTCAP Favorites

FTCAP is an exciting day for freshmen, filled with great information about Penn State from upperclassmen who have been in the freshies’ shoes before. The FTCAP leaders are charged with being the freshmen’s first mentors as they embark on their college journey. But with an entire day filled with Penn State facts, some things can stick out more than others. One FTCAP leader asked her group of freshmen to #1) share something they learned from their FTCAP day and #2) ask a question about their approaching experience at Penn State. Here are some of our favorite responses:

It took FTCAP to teach you that?

You could write the police a letter with a smiley face to apologize…


You’re right, Penn State is dope. Also, just wait until you have to walk from East to Deike in January¬†for class.


This kid has his/her priorities straight. If you understand #4 then #3 will be much easier.

…except in the steam tunnels.

Maybe they were trying to tell you something…


Is that still considered stalking? (Also, please visit this site before you start college).

This kid got it…

Have any more advice for incoming freshman? We want to hear it!


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