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0 Tips For Your Random Roommate Assignment

A highly anticipated moment for any soon-to-be-Penn-Stater’s summer is just around the corner — roommate assignments will soon be distributed to the freshmen masses. There’s a code of conduct that you need to abide by unless you want to be referred to as “my creepy-ass roommate” to all my high school friends before the fall semester even begins.

0 What Does It Really Mean to “Punish Penn State”?

We are Penn State. Well, are we? Do we want to be now? Do we want to have our names tied to this institution that immediately raises eyebrows at the very mention of it? Yeah, I think we still do. Because who really is Penn State? The fact of the matter is that the crimes and the almost-certainly-true-but-technically-alleged coverup, heinous though they were, were committed by just a handful of people, a microscopic portion of the 96,519 students and 17,780 faculty and staff that form the technical makeup of the University.

0 An End Brings New Beginnings

“Alleged” victims no more. After eight days of testimony and 20 hours of jury deliberation, justice has been served. The path in which we traveled to come to a verdict was so arduous that I’m still mentally processing what happened on Friday evening.

0 We’re back!

Eight months since that moment of darkness, corporate America has good news for Penn State. VP of Marketing, Linda Bartman, announced that her company believed there was a positive aura surrounding Penn State football. Unless the program descends into the abyss again, will advertise on ESPN when the Nittany Lions take the field during the 2012 season.

0 Four-Team Playoff Coming to College Football

A presidential oversight committee has officially signed off on a college football four-team playoff that will replace the current BCS championship game system. A selection committee will decide which four teams advance to the playoff, with the two semi-finals games being held at current bowl locations.

0 IM Building to Undergo Additions and Renovations

Are you tired of the overcrowding at the Intramural Building? Do you wish the building design wasn’t so dull inside and out? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you’re in luck, because Penn State will begin construction on additions and partial renovations to the IM Building in February of next year.

0 Jerry Sandusky and the Concept of Justice

“What was it like listening to the victims testify?”

That’s the question I’ve been asked the most this week, and one that I anticipate I will be asked for the rest of my life when people find out I covered the Jerry Sandusky trial. And I’m not sure if I have a good answer for it yet.

0 Penn State Student Governments Release Statement

The three Penn State student governments — the University Park Undergraduate Association, Council of Commonwealth Student Governments, and the Graduate Student Association — released a joint statement this afternoon regarding the Jerry Sandusky verdict.

0 #MusicMonday: Summertime Pandora Stations

Music goes with summer like Corona goes with lime, but you don’t always have the right playlist to accent the smell of chlorine and golden sunshine. If you’re go-to DJ is Pandora Radio, here some #MusicMonday suggestions to help you dial in to the best stations to keep the summer spirit high and the body temperature low.

0 (LS)U Mad Right Now

Maybe anger still lingers from the 2010 Capital One Bowl when Penn State defeated LSU on New Year’s Day in Orlando giving the Tigers their first bowl loss since 2004. Perhaps the animosity is more recent stemming from the 2011 season which saw LSU fail to score a touchdown in over 120 minutes of football against Alabama, losing to the Crimson Tide by way of shutout in the National Championship Game.

0 Summer Guide: Things to Do in State College

Aside from daylonging in fratland, State College has many fun ways to entertain the student population over the summer months. From swimming to hiking to playing a round of golf, this is the Onward State guide of things to do in State College over the summer–fine tuned for the Penn State student.

0 GUILTY: Jerry Sandusky Convicted on 45 Counts

It’s over.

After just over 21 hours, the verdict is in. Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of 45 counts stemming from child abuse committed over the last two decades.

At 9:57 p.m., the jury foreman slowly approached the microphone, and delivered the verdict.

0 Sandusky Trial: Day Nine [Live Blog] GUILTY

On June 11 in the Centre County Courthouse, one of the most anticipated trials in Pennsylania history — Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Gerald A. Sandusky — began. Onward State will be in the courtroom for its entirety, frequently updating this page with our updates and reactions, as well as the @OnwardState Twitter feed, as courtroom regulations allow.

0 Overheard on Twitter: Karl Rominger is Awesome

It stands to reason that anyone sympathetic to Jerry Sandusky might be a little uneasy right now during jury deliberation, considering the fact that Mr. Sandusky faces 48 counts of sexual abuse — charges that most people think will put him in jail for the rest of his life.

Not Karl Rominger.

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