Month: June 2012

Apply to Join Onward State This Summer

Are you interested in joining the fast and exciting world of digital media? Onward State has a limited number of openings for our next editorial cycle.

Sandusky Still Receiving Pension in Prison

According to ABC27, Jerry Sandusky will continue to rake in his state pension of over $59,000 while he sits in a Centre County correctional facility.

An End Brings New Beginnings

“Alleged” victims no more. After eight days of testimony and 20 hours of jury deliberation, justice has been served. The path in which we traveled to come to a verdict was so arduous that I’m still mentally processing what happened on Friday evening. We’re back!

Eight months since that moment of darkness, corporate America has good news for Penn State. VP of Marketing, Linda Bartman, announced that her company believed there was a positive aura surrounding Penn State football. Unless the program descends into the abyss again, will advertise on ESPN when the Nittany Lions take the field during the 2012 season.

Four-Team Playoff Coming to College Football

A presidential oversight committee has officially signed off on a college football four-team playoff that will replace the current BCS championship game system. A selection committee will decide which four teams advance to the playoff, with the two semi-finals games being held at current bowl locations.

IM Building to Undergo Additions and Renovations

Are you tired of the overcrowding at the Intramural Building? Do you wish the building design wasn’t so dull inside and out? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you’re in luck, because Penn State will begin construction on additions and partial renovations to the IM Building in February of next year.

Jerry Sandusky and the Concept of Justice

“What was it like listening to the victims testify?”

That’s the question I’ve been asked the most this week, and one that I anticipate I will be asked for the rest of my life when people find out I covered the Jerry Sandusky trial. And I’m not sure if I have a good answer for it yet.

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