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about 2 years ago

15 Reasons You Know You’re a Townie

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Townies. They walk among us. They have cars on campus and do laundry for free at their parents’ house. Most of the time townies look like regular people, however, this is due to years of vigorous training in hopes of blending in with the rest of the student population. If you know or (God forbid) are a townie, you probably already know that there are certain things outsiders just don’t get. Here are a few attributes that makes us townies different from the majority of Penn State students:


1. You already know at least one person in all of your classes.

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2. PennDOT is the bane of your existence.

3. …and you consider road cones a natural part of the Pennsylvania scenery.

4. You’ve drunk eaten a Sheetza-Pizza.

5. You pronounce DuBois correctly.

6. You’ve been to so many (free) Penn State football games with your family you can’t bring yourself to actually pay for tickets anymore.

7. You bring your umbrella with you everywhere regardless of the weather.

8. You dreamed of going to Penn State since you knew what it was.


9. Every birthday party you went to as a child was a pizza party at GoBonkers.

10. You know at least one person that’s hit a deer.

11. You get off school for the grange fair.

12. Your parents still use the old glass Meyer Dairy milk jugs.

13. You’ve been partying with college students since you were 16.

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14. You’ve had dinners with your parents’ friends, and now you sit in their classes.

15. You never had a backup school.


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