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about 2 years ago

Penn State Student Alexis Gray Charged with Firearm Posession on Elon University Campus

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Penn State student Alexis Gray was arrested last month on Elon University’s campus after being found in possession with a Remington-597.22 caliber rifle, a knife, and 6.5 feet of rope according to Elon Local News.

“Elon Campus Police averted a potentially dangerous situation today when they took into custody Alexis Gray, 18, of Holland, Pennsylvania, a student at a Pennsylvania university,” wrote Smith Jackson, the Vice President of Student Life at Elon University, in an email to students.

Gray, listed in the Penn State directory as a freshman, is part of a bizarre case that has been developing over the last few weeks at Elon, a liberal arts university in North Carolina. Gray’s ex-boyfriend, Greg Seelagy, is a first-year student at Elon. When Gray’s father got wind that his daughter might be on her way to see Seelagy, he immediately called the boyfriend and the Elon police, saying that he was concerned for her welfare.

Below is part of the 9-1-1 call from Gray’s father provided by Elon Local News.

Police were waiting for Gray outside of Seelagy’s apartment, where she was quickly apprehended with a .22 caliber rifle, a knife and 6.5 feet of rope in her car. Whether she was just coming to pay a visit to her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend or to harm others is still unclear, but she was immediately taken in for mental evaluation at Central Regional Hospital in Raleigh.

Gray was released from the hospital on December 4, and immediately served a warrant for felony possession of a weapon on a college campus and taken to prison. She posted bail, and is now back in Pennsylvania under electronic monitoring. Gray has also been ordered to stay in the state except for upcoming court appearances.

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