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about 2 years ago

Penn State to Light the Arboretum on Fire


If you haven’t checked out the Penn State Arboretum yet, you’ve been missing out. Arboretum simply means “a collection of trees.” Penn State’s Arboretum, completed in 2009, spans approximately 35 acres and includes over 17,000 individual plants representing 700 species.

Located next to the Katz building, the Arboretum is often brought up as one of the most picturesque and beautiful locations on campus. The Arboretum fountain is a great place to visit on a summer afternoon or for some cheap like-bait on Instagram.

If you happen to see some smoke coming from the area in the coming days and weeks — don’t panic! Penn State is taking care of some brush with a series of controlled burns at the Arboretum. The university released a statement earlier this week:

Penn State’s Grounds Maintenance crew will be performing controlled burns of several brush piles at The Arboretum starting at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday (Jan. 29). The Alpha Fire Company will be on site, and the fires will be extinguished by 5:30 p.m. Additional burns will take place on Wednesday (Jan. 30) and throughout the winter to help maintain The Arboretum site.

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