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about a year ago

Police Called After Former Smeal Professor Andrew Bergstein’s Profanity Laced Tirade at the Willard Preacher

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We all remember¬†Penn State professor Errol Henderson‘s epic flip out last year on the Willard Preacher. But Dr. Henderson’s episode doesn’t even come close to what you’re about to watch.

In this video uploaded earlier today, former* Smeal College of Business professor Andrew Bergstein is seen having a meltdown on the Willard Preacher and students surrounding the Willard steps. In a tirade lasting nearly ten minutes, Professor Bergstein can be heard repeatedly telling the Willard Preacher to “fuck off” and yelling “fuck you!” to students in random, bizarre outbursts. It got so intense that the police had to be called to break up the situation.

I’ll let the video do the situation justice (Warning: NSFW).

*(Update 9:59 p.m. — According to schedule.psu.edu, Bergstein is not teaching any classes this semester. He is still listed in the Penn State directory. We are looking into his employment status with the university. Here’s his RateMyProfessor profile in the meantime.)

(Update 10:37 p.m. — According to Smeal HR, Bergstein retired in Fall 2012 but is currently enrolled in postgraduate classes at University Park. He taught at Penn State for at least a decade.)

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