Top THON Greek Organization T-Shirts


There’s no question that THON is usually revolved around competition between Greek organizations. Who has the best section? Who has the biggest and brightest letters? Who coordinates those letters best with the music being played? Most importantly, who raised the most amount of money for the kids? Everything matters when it comes to Greek life — especially their THON shirts.

We ranked the top five THON shirts for your viewing pleasure (and by ranked, we mean “ran into in the concourse and thought they looked pretty cool so we took their picture.”)

1. Kappa Delta and Beta Sigma Beta

KD Beta Sig

In first place comes KD and Beta Sig, mostly because they coordinated not only their shirts, but also whole outfits. In the beginning of THON, they all had matching hats to go with their theme of Minions. Their shirts also have their THON child, Andy’s, name on the front before their Greek letters. Good job, Kappa Delta and Beta Sigma Beta.

2. Alpha Phi and Sigma Alpha Mu

APhi Sammy

Alpha Phi and Sammy cleverly used RedBull as their logo, connecting to staying up and getting through the whole 46 hours for their dancers on the floor and for the kids.

3. Kappa Kappa Gamma and Delta Chi


These shirts are good because they are simple but still get the job done. You immediately know who they are and the reason for the weekend is a primary aspect of the shirt. Also, they’re probably the most dominating group in the BJC this weekend and the section of blue in the stands makes them an unquestionable THON influence.

4. Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon


Incorporating the Four Diamonds’ hand sign is a nice touch nice and the shirt is simple and original enough that it’s a classic THON shirt.

5. Alpha Xi Delta and Tau Kappa Epsilon


Is it time to change the name to“Thondeere”? (Ba Dum Ching…) We kid, of course — anyone who can incorporate John Deere into a t-shirt is worthy of respect.

Congrats to those Greek organizations for creatively decorating their shirts; we know that their fundraising totals will be just as impressive.




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