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about 5 months ago

409 Gala In Honor of Joe Paterno Slated for June

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“A Night Celebrating Joe Paterno,” a fundraiser in which a drawing honoring the coach will be presented to Sue, Jay and Diana Paterno, is slated for June 18 at the Normandy Farm Hotel in Blue Bell.

Trustee Adam Taliaferro will speak at the Alumni Association Montgomery Chapter’s event, and colleague William Oldsey also plans to attend. The event will include a dinner, cash bar, silent auction, and basket raffle, with tickets going for $59.95.

Daniel Duffy’s artwork is a drawing of Paterno’s 409 wins spelled out, surrounding and creating a visage of his face, and 16″-by-20″ copies can be purchased for $30 at psumontco.com. The majority of the funds raised from the artwork’s sales are going to scholarships for Montgomery County-area students, with a smaller portion going to the Paterno Foundation. Because of the Alumni Association’s desire that the money raised from sales goes mostly to scholarships, the artwork is only being sold by the various chapters of the Association, not retail.

“This has been a brainchild that has been in the making since February when we got the piece from the artist,” event chair Jason Goft said. “We’ve been working hard to distribute it throughout the country.”

The Montgomery chapter will also be at Arts Fest to sell copies. Whether or not the celebration of Paterno’s 409 wins is still appropriate is a contentious point, but the fact that the money will go to scholarships is certainly a positive, especially considering how some funds have been spent recently.

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