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about 4 months ago

Former Safety Mark Rubin Wins Wall Street Decathlon For Third Straight Year


It’s pretty safe to say that former Penn State safety Mark Rubin has stayed in good shape since his playing days.

Rubin won the RBC Decathlon, an event that pits about 150 Wall Street financiers against one another to raise charity money, for the third-straight time on June 22, retaining his title as the Best Athlete on Wall Street.

Rubin is currently an assistant vice president of future sales trading at Barclay’s. He didn’t win any of the New York decathlon’s individual events, but placed in almost all of them to score the most points. He took the title in exciting fashion, beating the second-place finisher by one second in the 800-meter run.

“From playing athletics growing up, after that you just get in a routine where you enjoy working out. It’s a stress reliever, clears your head,” Rubin said. “There’s a gym at Barclay’s here and when the event gets close we focus the training on specific events.”

It makes sense that the 28-year old Rubin was versatile enough to win the decathlon again — the athlete was moved from wideout to safety at Penn State after excelling as a swimming star in high school. He finished his career with 92 tackles and a pair of picks in two seasons seeing playing time as a safety, most memorably causing The Fumble to happen. After Happy Valley, Rubin spent time at the St. Louis Rams’ training camp before utilizing his finance degree (’08) and MBA (’10) from Smeal to get a job at Barclay’s. Rubin was no slouch academically here, as he was a two time Academic All-American during his Nittany Lion days.

Rubin took down some stiff competition to be crowned Best Athlete on Wall Street again — Olympic decathlon champions Dan O’Brien and Dave Johnson were among those left in Rubin’s dust.

The Decathlon raised $1.5 million for New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Each competitor selects a fundraising goal — Rubin broke his goal of $5,000 by raising about $13,000.

“Just a factor of the cause,” Rubin said. “Being able to contribute and support Memorial Sloan, obviously we’ve all been affected by cancer, so any time you’re able to step up and rally behind a cause like that it’s great.”

Of course, once a Nittany Lion, always one, and Rubin has kept up with the football team since he graduated. He likes what he sees.

“I just love the results that [James Franklin] has gotten. The proof is in the pudding,” Rubin said. “You’ve seen the transforming he was able to do at Vanderbilt. Just hearing him talk, you hear the passion he has for football and teaching student athletes there. Just exciting to see.”

Always nice to see successful Penn Staters help a good cause. Congrats on the win, Mark!

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