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about 2 months ago

[Video] Watch Penn State Skydiver’s GoPro Video From Croke Park Classic

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As Saturday’s Croke Park Classic was essentially a bowl game for the Nittany Lions, it was only fitting that the pre-game ceremony lived up to the season opener’s high-profile caliber.

The pre-game festivities included a fighter jet flyover and some skydivers, one of whom was carrying Penn State’s flag as he descended from the Dublin skies to the field before kickoff.

Thanks to the GoPro that the skydiver was holding for his jump, we get to watch it all from a first-person perspective.

Check it out:

And just in case that video wasn’t awesome and enjoyable enough for you, take into consideration the fact that the UCF Knights’ skydiver inexplicably missed the stadium. I mean, this guy literally does this for a living, and yet he somehow manages to overshoot the stadium.

Here’s a video of that failure:

And that was just the first of two times that Penn State finished ahead of the Knights on the day!

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