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about 2 months ago

Blue Band Announces Tailgreat Replacement

45 - Nebraska - Blue Band

The Penn State Blue Band will have a slightly different gameday routine in 2014. After the athletic department clandestinely canceled the band’s Tailgreat pregame show at the Bryce Jordan Center two weeks ago, the band announced what it will do in its stead.

Instead of the entire band playing a pregame show outside the stadium, only 1/4 of the 300+ member marching band will perform at Beaver Stadium before and during the team entrance. I’m told from several Blue Band contacts that the logistics of having the entire band play outside the stadium a full 2 hours and 45 minutes before the game is unfeasible, so a decision was made to only include part of the band. The rest of the gameday routine, including the on-field pregame and halftime shows, remain unchanged.

The immediate reaction from several Blue Band members — albeit, a small sample size — was not particularly positive.

From Blue Band President Stephen Payne:

Penn State initially canceled Tailgreat due to waning interest and, sources say, an unwillingness to pay the $70,000 expense that it took to put the show on.

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