OPP Mops The Floor With New Strategy


OPPerations mopped the floor for the first time at THON 2017 — keeping it clean as so many people have taken to the floor in these first hours of THON. This time around, OPP came up with a slightly different strategy to complete the job.

OPP, the committee behind transforming the BJC for THON, has the important job of keeping the dirt and germs tracked in off the floor. Especially with so many kids that have weakened immune systems in the area, keeping it as clean as possible is key.

The floor mopping is done in multiple phases — moving dancers from section to section so the entirety of the floor can be mopped.


As compared to last year’s floor mopping, OPP is bringing in a decent amount of actual mop and bucket work as well as completing the job long ways instead of sideline to sideline with the zamboni-like floor washers, which you can see below.

THON 2017

THON 2016

You could say the new strategy has worked so far with the job being completed quicker than it was in 2016.

Photo By: Steve Connelly

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