[Photo Story]: Atlas Signs Stand Out In BJC Crowd


With eight dancers on the floor this year, special interest org Atlas knows a thing or two about dancer signs.

It makes sure the dancers all get individualized attention, and it made three custom signs per dancer this year. Atlas starts this process several weeks in advance, breaking into committees and working on the signs both during meetings and on members’ own time. They even communicate with dancers’ close friends to make sure the signs are exactly what they want to see while on the floor.

The signs are kept a secret from the dancers until they stand on the Friday evening of THON. It’s an inspirational moment and something Atlas dancers look forward to every year. The best part? The dancers get to take the signs home with them once the 46 hours are through.

Sophomore Andrew Buzzelli put hours into the signs he made this year. His over-the-top style and coloring make them memorable.

Each sign features inside jokes and dancers’ favorite things

Artist Andrew Buzzelli shows off one of his signature creations.

Some signs make no sense to anyone beside the dancer…

… while other signs are pretty straight forward.


Photo By: Tim Reams

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