[PHOTOS] Penn State Relay For Life Raises $80,172.45


While THON might have taken a back seat in the past couple of months, Relay for Life of Penn State has been busy raising money for the American Cancer Society.

Relay for Life is a team-based fundraising event in which team members walk around a track. At all times during the 24-hour event (Yes, even in the middle of the night!), each team must have a participant on the track — because cancer never sleeps. This year, Penn State’s Relay for Life raised $80,172.45 (more than $30,000 less than last year), dropping below $1 million for the first time since it reached the milestone.

Unlike last year’s cold and snowy Relay For Life that the committee had to host inside the HUB, this year’s Relay enjoyed much warmer weather. The Sunday afternoon HUB lawn reveal featured a DJ, cornhole, and plenty of bubbles.

Not quite the pong most passers-by expected to play this weekend, Relay offered a chance at “Bra Pong” to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Superheroes and power rangers kept walkers motivated and kids entertained throughout the day.

Signs posted all around the HUB lawn track encouraged those attending and participating not to lose hope.

Relay balloons lined the edge of the lawn and the lounge for cancer survivors.

Participants and attendees concluded the event with one last lap around the HUB lawn following the total reveal.

Photo By: Joe Whitman

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