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Meet Chris Siergiej, the newest Pennsylvania State University Marching Blue Band drum major. This past Saturday, Siergiej (pronounced SIR-gee) was chosen above nine other candidates to lead the Blue Band in 2013. Siergiej, who played saxophone in his first three years, is entering his fourth season with the Blue Band.

We caught up with Siergiej the day after his successful audition to find out how he prepared and what he’s excited for moving forward, among other things.

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East Halls, Penn State University Park
Apparently, Penn State freshmen are happy. A recent Department of Education report ranks Penn State's freshmen 22nd out of all U.S. state schools in terms of retention - and ultimately, happiness.
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There's seven words every college student hates to hear: "You'll have a group project this semester." Coincidentally, those are the same seven words every professor loves to say.
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Nittany Lion Indiana State game
One of our writers reflects on his time at Penn State, how it shaped him into who he is today, and how we as students are responsible for helping Penn State find its new identity.
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On the single most important day in American history, the United States officially ratified the Twenty-first Amendment on December 5, 1933. Three days later, The Skeller opened its doors.
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Big 12 Meetings Emmert Football
Earlier today, NCAA President Mark Emmert made an addition to the sanctions levied against Penn State this past July.
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Common Place Cafe
A place where both Penn State students and State College residents can come together is rare. The newly opened CommonPlace is just that. Who knows, it might become your new favorite study spot, a place for group meetings, or simply somewhere to chill between classes.
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Earlier today, members of Global Water Brigades stood with signs (or sat on a toilet, casually reading a newspaper) outside of the HUB in an effort to grab attention, generate awareness, and educate fellow students about World Water Day and the global dangers of unclean water.
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It's no secret that many people question both the quality and motives of The Board of Trustees. In light of recent meetings and the upcoming elections, one writer decided to assemble his own Board of Trustees Dream Team.
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Tired of Pandora and some of the evils that come with it? Here's some alternatives that will restore your hope in online music streaming.
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Campus Snow
As Penn Staters, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful architecture and landscapes every day. And although most of us are rocking long-johns, boots, and four winter jackets, we can all appreciate how incredible this campus looks both during and after a snowstorm. Apparently, BuzzFeed can as well.
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If you've spent any time Penn State's campus, you've probably witnessed a Philly/Pittsburgh argument. It's the most pervasive rivalry on campus, with a tremendous amount of pride instilled in the fans of each city. Thousands of current and former students hail from each respective city. But which is the best? Only a top 10 list can decide.