Report: Happy Valley Freshmen Are…Happy

Apparently, Penn State freshmen are happy.

Out of all U.S. state schools, Penn State ranks 22nd in terms of freshman retention — the primary attribute measured in the U.S. Department of Education’s recent happiness report. Five of the top 25 schools are living the California dream, while another five represent the Big Ten (six if you include Maryland).

According to the data, 92.5 percent of freshmen stay at Penn State through their sophomore year (and likely beyond), compared to the national average of 72.2 percent.

Penn State’s presence on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider the magic of Happy Valley. In all seriousness, Penn State’s freshmen retention rate is a testament to the high quality culture, academics, student life, and opportunities Penn State has to offer (Maybe the robust bar scene plays a small role, too).

While a 92.5 percent retention is impressive, the most important finding on behalf of the Department of Education — Penn State’s freshmen are happier than freshmen at Pitt by a whopping 0.3 percent!

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