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Stefan is currently a Junior Integrative Arts major with a background in Computer Science. Stefan is a veteran of the US Air Force and is currently enrolled in ROTC to return as an officer after graduation. Stefan is a founding brother of Phi Kappa Sigma and a licensed private pilot. Stefan formally served as our Editor of Photography, and now helps with staff photography.

0 PSU Cadets to Teach Air Force a Thing or Two

This past year under the leadership of Colonel Steven Drago, the Penn State Detachment of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) developed a new way to teach Air Power doctrine and air superiority theory. Unlike the local Army ROTC detachment, future Air Force officers cannot practice some of the key skills they will need when they go active duty.

0 University Park Airport Ideal Destination for Slimmer Air Force One

The President and members of his staff and cabinet, including Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, arrived at University Park Airport aboard Air Force One, a Boeing C-32.

Now this isn’t the plane most people would expect when they think about Air Force One. Sure it has the same paint job as its VC-25A counterpart, but the plane used Thursday is significantly smaller than the version pictured in films like Air Force One.

0 The Bunnymen Haunt Us From the Shadows

State College hit the big time last night. Yeah you probably didn’t even realize, it did you? Well, just so you know, a major band that influenced a lot of music throughout the 90’s decided, for some reason that I can’t figure out, to stop in town on their tour.

Echo and the Bunnymen, the British alt rock band extremely well known in the 80’s and early 90s, hopped over the pond and are on their US Tour. The tour started at Coachella and then made its way to the Filmore in San Fran, Metro in Chicago, Philly, then here before heading off to sold out shows in DC and NYC. Yeah, they’re pretty amazing, and you missed it.

I’m not going to sit here and scold you like an old man, though. Read on after the jump to hear more about the concert.

0 Air Force ROTC War Games in Stone Valley

The ratatat of a 50 Caliber Machine Gun firing blanks kept campers awake last weekend as cadets from our Air Force ROTC unit deployed to Penn State’s camp grounds in Stone Valley on a field training exercise (FTX). Cadets were able to test their leadership skills and their air power battle knowledge in order to out-maneuver enemy forces led by senior cadets and active duty Air Force officers.

Read on for the full scoop on the Air Force ROTC’s field training exercises.

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(More after the jump!)

0 PSU Within 300 Votes to Premiere Film

The new Jonah Hill and Russell Brand flick, “Get Him to the Greek”, has a definite chance at premiering here at Penn State. The film is holding a contest to see which Big Ten school will get the honor of having the stars of the movie show up and premiere their work for free. We are currently in second place, but a late surge has put us in striking distance of Illinois.

Remember, the contest ends on April 5th, and the movie will be screened the week of April 18. After the jump, click the widget to demand it and get the film to PSU.

0 Penn State Alum Wins Bronze in Vancouver

Penn State graduate Allison Baver just won the Bronze medal in the 3000m Short Track Relay in Vancouver. The medal was awarded after a controversial disqualification of the winning Korean team. The Americans were in a distant fourth, but after it was determined the Koreans made illegal contact with the Chinese team, the Americans were bumped up to a third place finish.

Congrats Allison!  Maybe you’ll be Grand Marshall of next year’s Homecoming celebration?

0 THON 2010…Coverage Onward State Style

This weekend, I spent many hours experiencing something amazing. I covered what I believe is one of the greatest collegiate endeavors ever attempted. THON 2010.

During my coverage time with Onward State, I worked with great people and got to see what goes on behind the scenes and up close what THON accomplishes.

THON doesn’t just start on Friday and end on Sunday, THON starts almost a year in advance, and so did Onward State’s coverage. We started covering many stories related to THON and how THON operates, we contacted THON PR and talked with many THON representatives to makes sure you would receive the best THON coverage we could offer.

For more info on how we were able to cover the behemoth that is THON (and for 116 pictures!), read the full story.

0 Design Contest: THONward State

THON is less than 19 days away.

We’re gearing up at Onward State to make sure you have access to the best THON coverage anywhere. Traditionally (meaning last time we did this), THON weekend means our site becomes THONward State (follow us on Twitter). Since Mitch worked so hard on our redesign, we thought you all could help give him a break. So here’s the contest.

We’d like you to create our new THONward State logo!

The logo must be 567px by 82px. There must be a 5px border around the main image that is solid color so that we can make sure it fits our background. That solid color will dictate our background color.

You must submit your design to [email protected]

The deadline is 11:59pm February 14th.

The editors and staff will choose the winning logo and that logo will become our logo for the weekend of THON! Pretty cool eh? Our THON production manager Stefan will donate $25 in the winner’s name. And, as an added bonus we’ll even take a screenshot of the site and have Davis autograph it for you (I know! I can’t believe it either!)

Here are our logo files in one PSD along with guidelines so you can align your design properly. [download]

Good luck!

0 Freebie Alert: CATA iPhone App

The Centre Area Transit Authority recently released their CATA iPhone App for free. They previously had an app that was basically just a bunch of black and white scans of their bus schedules, then they had the balls to charge me $1.99 for it. (Turns out it was a student who made this app for their ENG411 class and then had the balls to charge me $1.99 for it, YouTube )

But their new app has hit a home run with their new GUI and GPS data. I used the updated website’s realtime bus locater often (amazing!), but it was a real pain in the ass to use it on my phone. More times that not I was stuck out in the cold navigating their website to find that I just missed the bus. Now I’ll be able to check my bus schedules right before I leave class with only two touches of the glass to find out that I just missed the bus, and I might as well hop on for a few moments to see whats happening.

You can get this app in the iTunes App Store now

Onward State iPhone App Usefulness Rating: A+

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