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0 University Park By The Numbers

As a connoisseur of useless facts and information, I was pleased to find an OPP website entirely devoted to stats about the University Park campus. I thought I might pass on some of the more interesting statistics for those of you that enjoy extraneous information. You can find the original page here and I credit the OPP for all of this information.
Real Estate

• Penn State UP resides on 15,984 acres of beautiful Pennsylvania land.
• 758 buildings
• 49 rental buildings
• 15.5 million square feet total
• Worth about 1.921 billion dollars
Building Details

• 79 acres of roof
• 10,010 exterior doors
• 2,262 classrooms and laboratories
• 7,123 offices
• 300 elevators

• 14,000 parking spaces
• 31 miles of paved roads and streets
• 23 miles of paved walkways
• 1,810 streetlights

• 11,000 trees
• 25,000 flowers planted annually

• 50 miles of water pipes
• 2.7 million gallons of water are produced/consumed daily
• 17 miles of steam pipes
• 218 fire hydrants
• 2,091 fire extinguishers

You want one more interesting fact? Here it is (with proof):

The Sergeant-At-Arms of the U.S. Senate has the power to arrest the President if he violates the rules of the Senate.

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