You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

ruckusfinalnoticeIf any of you readers are like me, you hated Ruckus for its obnoxious advertising, inconsistent availability of certain music, and the fact that no matter what, the program would not minimize. But you used it anyway, because you were too snobby/paranoid/technologically incompetent to illegally pirate music.

Guess what – now we don’t even have Ruckus. And in true Ruckus fashion, they have shut down without the customer in mind. How about an explanation beyond a lazy three-color graphic? Some of us just signed in to listen to Britney Spears’ Circus – crap some of us secretly like, but would never pay for – and found only this notice. ONLY THIS?! REALLY?! NO PRESS RELEASE? NOT EVEN A FORM LETTER!?

So we’re suddenly left in the cold. Thought you missed your free Napster subscription before, Penn State? Now, we have NO music service, NO heads up, and NO information as to why.

It’s like the service vanished into thin air – there are no results on Google that address this. If anyone finds any information about this sudden development – feel free to email me or the Onward State tip service.

UPDATE: TechCrunch had the following to say:

At around 5 PM EST today the site went down with a notice stating that it was undergoing an update. As of 5:30, it was displaying the shutdown notice seen above.

We’re told that music that has not passed its “renew date” still works, but that music that has expired will no longer work because the DRM licensing server has apparently shut down.

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