Campus Caters to Vegetarians

2386683703_9293ddf6f5Who here loves chicken wings, fried fish, and a nice juicy steak?  Not these folks.

Tuesday night marked the first spring-semester meeting of the Vegetarian Advisory Board, a small group of vegetarians who offer feedback to Food Services at University Park.  Out of our veggie population, a dozen attended the Vegetarian Advisory Board (VAB) meeting.

Staff and students discussed and sampled future menu items labeled either “M” (meatless) or “V” (vegan).  Additionally, our vegetarians addressed dining hall issues that infringe upon their lifestyle habits.  What sort of vegetarian wants chunks of ham in his or her tofu scrambler?  Not me.

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost six months now, with zero regrets.  My closest friends are vegetarians, and we bond over our lifestyle choice.  If you’re into the meat scene, there’s no pressure to change your eating habits, but be aware of this eco-friendly and compassionate alternative.

And of course, thank you Penn State, for providing vegetarian options in our dining halls.

For a resource, check out the Facebook group for the Penn State Vegetarian Club.

For some spicy info on the benefits of vegetarianism, crank up your speakers and enjoy.


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